Arthritis Treatment



Yesterday was a stiff, achy, painful day where all my joints felt like they were grating on all my other joints. Painkillers and drugs didn’t do much.

45min Epsom salt bath last night, and I can move today.

I hate arthritis. But yay.

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Pain Update

There isn’t really much to update on at the moment; life’s been too busy to start physical therapy and so I’m kind of just hanging in a weird interim phase.

I can still notice a significant improvement in my pain level from before the steroid shots to after the shots. However, I’m starting to feel like I had less pain after the second shot – I’ve had three, and I feel like some of the pain has returned.

It isn’t the sharp stabbing pain that I associated with the C5-C6 injury; it’s more dull, although it’s sharper than an ache. But it’s still there. I’d say it’s a 3-4/10 on the pain scale – I can still function through it just fine, but it’s not ignore-able.

I don’t know if it’s because I worked too hard the day after the final injection, or if it’s because the injections just don’t last, or a fluke, or what. 

I have an appointment next Monday with the clinic again; I’ll see what they say and possibly pick up my TENS unit. And I’ll start PT next week, for real.

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Egg scramble with cheese and salsa

Made with egg whites, egg substitute, and two real eggs. Cooked with garlic; served over a slice of pepperjack cheese; topped with pepper and salsa. Proof I can totally be high-protein healthy when I like :)


The key here is to toss your egg substitute and egg whites in the pan to get them ~half cooked, then break the real eggs on top of it and scramble what needs to be cooked without disturbing the yolk. That way you still get runny goodness with your scramble.

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