[Daily Face] muted mossy shimmer


I wanted to wear some color today, so I broke up the week’s theme and mixed up my plan. I was craving this muted mossy grey-green I have, but I also wanted to stick with the theme of the blue-grey along my lower lashes, so I ended up mix-and-matching products and colors to get today’s look.


The look:
– Bobbi Brown Pewter (bright shimmery grey-chrome) filling in the inner 1/3 of the lid
– Bobbi Brown Sage (shimmery moss green-grey) filling in the remaining 2/3 of the lid
– Bobbi Brown Rose Gold (shimmery rose gold) very light along the upper crease for definition
– Korres Light Grey liner along lower lashes
– Laura Mercier Celestial (sparkling blue-grey) on top of liner along lower lashes

– MAC Dazzlelash mascara
– BareMinerals matte loose powder foundation
– Benefit Bella Bamba blush
– Clinique nude-tritious Vitamin C Lip Smoothie


None of the photos are really showing how subtle and lovely this is. I guess that’s what happens when you’re depending on your freaking iPhone camera for glamour shots. Whooooooops I am the worst hobbyist.


About sevdrag

Sev Dragomire is a professional chemical engineer, a legitimate nerd, and a certified terrible person. She has the paperwork to prove all three.
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