[Daily Face] soft sparkles


I used an older Laura Mercier palette this morning — I’d bought the palette mainly for the brushes, so I often forget that it’s there, and how pretty the colors are. This is yet another take on my warms and cools look, and it’s one I’m pretty happy with.

– shimmery bronze all over the lid and up into the crease
– dark burnished plum blended up over the lid from lash line
– cool grey-ish blue under lower lashes with pale blue blended in

I’m trying something new with photos this week. It makes it harder to get a full-face shot, but my eyeshadow is usually the most exciting part, so… I’m not sure anybody is gonna miss seeing my dumb ass smirk in the mirror. Is this pic setup more useful?

(Edit) — these pics really make it look like I don’t know how to blend. Wow. Need to fix the contrast there


About sevdrag

Sev Dragomire is a professional chemical engineer, a legitimate nerd, and a certified terrible person. She has the paperwork to prove all three.
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