NYX Love in Paris: Merci Beaucoup — swatches and looks

I saw the new NYX Love in Paris palettes at Ulta — 9-shade palettes; there are 12 of them — and I picked up two to swatch, review, and experiment with.

Merci Beaucoup I had to get immediately: those coral and rust shades were calling my name. I am telling you, I am all about the reds and rusts and ruddy coppers and oranges that are creeping into this year’s palettes one by one. I predict they’ll go both shimmery and bright for summer, and then deepen and darken for fall. But anyway, here’s Merci Beaucoup.


Wow, I did not realize until right now that the master photo of the palette was so blurry — that’s embarrassing.

Overall I found the colors to be middle-of-the-road pigmented. They aren’t punch-you-in-the-face strong – you can see in the swatches that they’re decent but not great, although some of that is the fact that they’re close to my skin tone. For people used to, say, Urban Decay palettes, where colors come on strong naturally, you may want to swatch yourself before you buy. For those who want to try the rust and coral trend but are afraid of going overboard, this is a great place to start — they’re pigmented enough to make a difference that you’ll see, but you don’t have to worry about looking like you got punched in the face.

I’d say I’m moderately pleased. I wish the palette had a little more punch, but I can use subtle colors like this for easy work looks with a little bit of flair, so it won’t be a waste. Also NYX is a very affordable line, so it isn’t like I sank $40 into a palette that didn’t come on strong.

To test the palette I put together two looks. On the left is a colorful, shimmery eye using the coral and rust colors as the centerpiece. On the right is a matte smokey eye I built using the matte cool brown, camel, and cream.


Overall I’d give the palette a B. It’s not amazing, but it’s good enough for people looking to play around; I like the reds, and I like the flexibility it offers, including matte and shimmer, color and neutral.


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