Fish Oil Chronicles, Update #2: 3 weeks

I’ve been taking fish oil for about three weeks now: 1 tsp in the AM and 1 tsp in the evening before bed; I’m taking a high-quality concentrated liquid oil, where 1 tsp = 2960 mg, so I’m at 5.8 g daily. This is a high dose – but that’s because the studies I read suggested high doses are needed to see arthritic relief.

I have noticed one major reduction in pain over the last three weeks, and since I haven’t been overly active (so I can’t credit it to exercise) or otherwise treating this (with stretches, PT, etc), I suspect that it is the fish oil that’s helping with it: I had signs of sciatica in my lower back, a pinching sensation that sent horrible shooting pains down into the back of my right glute and hamstring even when doing things like driving a car or walking, that has been sporadic rather than constant but has been a sharp awful pain to deal with. (I haven’t been talking about it much or seeking treatment / relief because, well, a herniated disc in my neck has been taking up most of my time, attention, and money.)

This sciatic nerve type pain has… definitely decreased, definitely been reduced, in the last few weeks. I’m noticing the sharp shooting-down-the-back-of-my-butt-and-thigh pain much less often, and when I do, it’s a lot more manageable type of pain.

Now again: I haven’t been working out very much, and there’s a good chance that exercise can aggravate this (meaning that when I do start up again, it may come back), so I am not declaring at the moment that the fish oil has been the solution.

But I haven’t changed much else, and since the high doses of fish oil are meant to help with inflammation and chronic pain type things, I think there’s a chance that it is helping.

I will keep an eye on it over the next few weeks as I start plugging exercise back in, and will report back…


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Sev Dragomire is a professional chemical engineer, a legitimate nerd, and a certified terrible person. She has the paperwork to prove all three.
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