About My Beauty

I love makeup. I’m not sorry. I’m a chemical engineer who works in a polymerization lab, so the normal methods of accessorizing and customizing a look – frills, jewelry, scarves, shoes – aren’t available to me for reasons of practicality and lab safety; wearing fun makeup is one of the few ways I get to play with my own appearance during an average work week. What started as a fun way to break up the tedium of a boring work wardrobe has grown into a full-fledged hobby: I collect products, I experiment with methods, and I’m the go-to Makeup Batman when my friends get together.

As a professional and a lady and a feminist, I have a lot of complicated feelings about makeup, sure: but in the end I enjoy it as something experimental and fun that adds color and flair and personality to my face and my life. I don’t require it; I’ll often be seen in public without anything on, because I am a busy lazy fuck. I realize everyone has their own personal opinion on makeup and beauty; this is where it lands on my personal scale.

Since I’m constantly playing with looks and colors and new products – both on my face and my roommate’s – what I hope to post here is a combination of reviews and “daily looks” (which will neither be daily nor actual coordinated looks, because I’m horrible). What I love most are eye products, since they come in the most variety, so that’s likely to be the focus, but I’ll post about anything new I try and want to talk about.




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