About My Cooking

I love to cook. I consider myself a middling decent hand at it, too. My thing with cooking is that I like to experiment. I can’t eat a sauce right out of the bottle without doctoring it up; I can’t ever cook the exact same thing twice. I play with my food, and the food likes it.

That being said, a lot of what I do cook during the week is based on a set of core staples: variations on a theme, as you will. I make a lot of stirfries, a lot of casseroles, a good number of crockpot experiments.  My biggest project right now is experimenting with Thai curries: I’m constantly tweaking the ingredients and the sauces and I figure it’s about time for me to write down what I use, huh? I’ve also just got a bread machine and am having a good old time playing around with that.

Some stuff about the way I approach cooking:

  • Many meals at once. Most of what I make will serve 2 people 2-3 times. That’s because I’m a lazy fuck with a full schedule and I like leftovers.
  • Generally healthy. I try to use clean ingredients (fresh meat/veg, whole grains). Much of what I make comes “from scratch”. When I do use food out of a box or bag, I choose as wisely as I can.
  • Macronutrient balanced. I don’t make super low fat food, because I don’t believe in super low fat — fat helps fill you up. But I do try to choose good fats over the bad/useless ones. I also try to make sure my meals have a hefty dose of protein and as few useless carbs as possible. I love carbs, so there’s no way this will ever be a “low carb” blog, but I try to focus on whole grains and vegetables.
  • Fun with flavors. I buy a lot of pre-made sauces but they’re really only bases. Often I come up with my own thing on top of a generic sauce, or I’ll start from scratch. Also, spicy is awesome. Hot sauce is the boss.

I’m a cook, not a baker: baking requires accuracy and precision (rather then HEY THATS ABOUT A HALF A CUP *EYEBALLS AND SPILLS EVERYWHERE BECAUSE DRUNK*) and that’s not as much fun to me as “throw these 8 things into the casserole dish and see what emerges.”


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